2. Where to Get Help

If you are working on Jython it is very possible you will come across an issue where you need some assistance to solve it (this happens to core developers all the time).

Should you require help, there are a variety of options available to seek assistance. If the question involves process or tool usage then please check the rest of this guide first as it should answer your question.

2.1. Ask #jython

If you are comfortable with IRC you can try asking on #jython (on the freenode network). Often there are experienced developers around, ranging from triagers to core developers, who can answer questions about developing for Jython, although it helps to be patient as it sometimes takes a little while for a question to get noticed.

2.2. Core Mentorship

If you are interested in improving Jython and contributing to its development, but don’t yet feel entirely comfortable with the public channels mentioned above, Python Mentors are here to help you. The Python Mentors list was originally created to help with CPython development, but since Jython shares most of the same infrastructure (Jython’s repository is at hg.python.org and uses a related Roundup issue tracker) it is a good place to find help for Jython as well. Python is fortunate to have a community of volunteer core developers willing to mentor anyone wishing to contribute code, work on bug fixes or improve documentation. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to contribute.

2.3. Mailing Lists

Further options for seeking assistance include the jython-users and jython-dev mailing lists. Jython-users contains discussion of software developement using Jython. Jython-dev contains discussion of current Jython design issues, release mechanics, and maintenance of existing releases. Just remember that jython-dev is for questions involving the development of Jython whereas jython-users is for questions concerning development with Jython.

2.4. File a Bug

If you strongly suspect you have stumbled on a bug (be it in the build process, in the test suite, or in other areas), then open an issue on the Jython issue tracker. As with every bug report it is strongly advised that you detail which conditions triggered it (including the OS name and version, which JVM and version, and what you were trying to do), as well as the exact error message you encountered.